Letters to Holly

Tuesday, April 1

More Updad

Dad called after his Tuesday checkup to say the new outgrowth isn't totally unprecedented but it is unusual after two seemingly successful chemo cycles. He's gaining weight, but they can't figure out the source of the cancer. Suspicion turns back to his lungs, given the all-clear before. It would be logical; he does smoke like a chimney. The new chemo treatments will be stronger, and the doctor warned him he might suffer for it. They may have to relocate him to Texas or Charleston for further treatment, but that's a ways off for now.

Moving Picture of the Day

I can't decide if I like this video or love it. It's new from Paul McCartney. The song's catchy, and the production is lively. The dance work is iffy, though, but I enjoy how spry he almost is. He won't grow old to the point that he shrugs off pop and rock entirely. I admire that. However, I'm not convinced he was ever in the same room as any of those women. I suspect he was taught choreography, videotaped, and the women replicated his movements so he wouldn't appear so old.


Anonymous said...

gosh, that was painful. i think that was the point, though, to take the pop video conventions to highlight how much has changed throughout his career. but gosh... michael jackson created that whole main star dancing with the posse supporting, replicating the moves. and oh, gosh, some of the paul moves are attempts at poping and locking... and it appears as though he might actually dislocate something. too cringeworthy to be satire.

Gregory said...

Maybe he should embrace the dignity of advanced years.

This coming from ME, of all people ...