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Thursday, April 3

Updad's Keep Coming In

Dad had his altered chemo treatment yesterday and said he felt OK, but I could tell from talking to him on the phone that he was more tired than usual. He'll get a follow-up next week to see how his body handles it.

Your Sis and a few of her teacher buddies are trying to recruit me into their coven. The most vocal advocate thinks I should teach elementary school ('cause I'd be a fun teacher). Your Sis thinks I should teach middle school ('cause it would be potentially easier than high school). I lean toward more high school if only because I've had more exposure to kids that age. The town is crawling with them, and that's where one can teach more specified material.

Unfortunately, this is exactly why Your Sis thinks I would have more luck being hired for teaching on lower levels: English teachers are "a dime a dozen." But I wouldn't want to teach something outside my interests; on the elementary level, I wouldn't have to know so much of the other fields, but I'd still have to teach math, science, and history on top of the glorified babysitting. I'm also not convinced schools are ready to hire male teachers for the younger class levels.

Because the idea seems so bizarre for me -- changing careers in my mid'30s to take the job that makes Your Sis want to kill and drink -- we compromised: I'll shadow teachers on my next federal holiday but only at her school. I need to be convinced that high-schoolers are the wrong age group for me. It's still such a longshot. If I wanted to teach conveniently, I'd have to bet certified and licensed, apply for a job, and be hired in this district. All the while, I'd be unemployed. That doesn't sound healthy for our marriage.

And all of this is predicated on the notion that I'd entertain kids, not necessarily educate them. A teacher buddy wanted to have me come in to read to kids in various voices. From that it blossomed into my sticking around and teaching the class. The idea of a captive audience is intriguing, but -- yeah, I'm stuck on lots of buts about the whole thing.

I'm going to stroll the nearby grocery store to find items I can paint. I'd like to try produce, but of course it rots. I'd like to make something we can hang in the kitchen, but this first painting will be more an experiment than a real artwork.

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Anonymous said...

what? teaching!?! is this some long, behind the scenes ambition that i'm only hearing of? i know that you've helped out with the yearbook and newspapers at the high school, and its obvious that they do need someone in that..unpaid position...but wow.

i had to take an art class to round out my art history degree; i choose sculpture. i spent weeks on my abstract representation of an artichoke.

was sory to hear about the new growths. glad though that he seems to be tolerating this new dose of chemo, though.

congrats on finishing the play! bravo! i know you liked the company, esp. the director, but enough to do the next murder mystery that you typed so many bullet points against? the ACT show sounded more intriguing...