Letters to Holly

Thursday, May 22

I Might Be in Trouble Here

Yesterday's run was tricky. Not as windy, not as hot, but I started off with sore...

Wit, Your Mom just dropped by work, and we chatted for about 15 minutes. The highlights:
1. Sounds like you found a condo. Second floor is best for a flat are that gets hurricanes. Also, you're an hour from the beach.
2. We talked about Dad. He couldn't take chemo yesterday because a new neck growth emerged. They'll look at it today. His blood count is down, his weight is up.
3. She dropped off the stuff from you, and I haven't looked inside yet.
4. We talked about Saturday's race, which goes back to ...

The sore legs I had yesterday, and that surprised me. My legs usually don't ache like that, and I suspect the Monday hill run lingers with me. My breath was fine because I couldn't run as fast. Kathy called yesterday to say it might not be best for us to run together, because I talk too much, and she runs too slow. I can shut up for the race, and I don't want to abandon her.

I finished another script and now have one and a half to read before Tuesday. The committee chair left me a key to the warehouse rehearsal space so I can drop off and pick up scripts. I want to take Your Sister there Saturday. She never saw us rehearse there. We'll hit that before we leave town on the way to Asheville to eat at the Indian place.

We watched the last 15 minutes of the American Idol finale, and we're relieved that Napoleon Dynomutt didn't win.

There's no new Lost tonight. The two-hour finale is next Thursday.

Picture of the Day
Japan now sports walking vending machine robots. Or something.

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