Letters to Holly

Monday, June 2

Back to Normal

Well, sort of. Things are good until I remember Dad isn't on a long vacation.

We had din-din with Kathy and Travis Friday to catch them up on all the details of the past week. They announced that they are preggers again (by design) and will host another German student for a month this summer.

I drove down to Mom's house to help with small items. I figured out how to make their DVD player work with the HDTV. I fixed a broken tail light. I Drano'd the back shower drain that was probably clogged when Dad's hair fell out. We picked up a flag-display case at Michael's, and I'm somewhat shocked they carry them. I also swung by my hometown comic store; they ship my monthly haul to me. I put money into the donation jar for my high-school buddy recently diagnosed with intestinal cancer.

Mom sounds OK. She has several tasks at hand, and that helps her muddle through. She isn't buried in appointments but has enough to keep her busy. Also, I suspect she's rewatching the Stepford Wives remake on her now-functioning DVD player.

I planted grass seed next to the garden and began plotting how to arrange the garden with our veggies. We watched the new Indiana Jones film, and it's sadly disappointing. Harmless and light. Your Sis opened the birthday package and laughed at the socks.

The mixture of cigarettes, odd sleep patterns, and pollen have gotten me all sick like. I can't run as I'd like.

Picture of the Day
NASA says the Mars Phoenix probe may have uncovered ice already. We knew there was ice there. The question is "is there flowing water?"

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