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Thursday, June 5

Gardening at Night (and the Morning)

I bought a new rainbow sprinkler before attacking the garden. Your Sis bought veggie plants from a school greenhouse sale, and I put them in the ground yesterday. I checked a few online gardening sites to see the best way to handle them and had my checklist next to me as I shoveled into the soil. It's been a few weeks since we tilled, but the subsoil was still most and soft.

I planted tomatoes and surrounded them with marigolds to keep the bugs away. It was a tip from Dad. I also put in garlic (already sprouting), peppers, and cucumbers (labeled "burpless"). I have them all in one row next to my grass experiment so I can water them all at one time. I ran the sprinkler last night for a half hour; all the rain we were supposed to get this weekend vanished. I got up early to water the garden again and then I put down veggie fertilizer and buried everything in mulch.

Almost as soon as I was done, I noticed a golden retriever standing in the mud and shooed him away. As if I wasn't already worried about rabbits. We have wire, and I hope to put down a fence this weekend, at the latest. The heat is probably keeping them at bay. I see more rabbits when we get lots of rain. I'll wake up early each morning to water the garden, and spend the time reading from the new script stacks. I've already read and graded two scripts since Tuesday night.

Mom said the copy of the will she has isn't automatically recognized by the lawyer. The copies she has are of an older version, unsigned, and the presiding lawyer at the time has moved and can't be located. I will sign papers saying I won't challenge the old will. Also, Mom may have misplaced the tax folder I set out for her a week ago. She sounds OK as long as she has a task at hand. We got a ton of cards at our house, and I'll need to work on thank-you cards this weekend.

The cold is fading. Specifically, it's exiting from a very specific point, and it's not lovely.

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"God damn, that DJ made my day."

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