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Friday, June 13

Maybe My Thumb Is Green

I've managed to grow grass. I noticed brand-new blades this morning as I watered the lawn, and I haven't been this proud about looking at the ground since we yanked up last year's potatoes. The ground is still patchy, and I may have to put down a second seeding, but a precedent has emerged. We have grass-age.

I bought some fertilizer spray for the veggies. It attaches to the hose, and it can feed a garden for 15 minutes. My plot is smaller than the square-foot suggestion, and I switched from that watering to the normal sprinkler. We haven't had the rain we were predicted (shock), making manual watering necessary again. The peppers and tomatoes look OK, the cucumbers are dead, the garlic is still buried, and the marigolds have lost their first blooms.

We hosted a teacher buddy for a dinner of homemade spaghetti. It went over well. We're all excited to see The Happening despite common comments that it's a hilariously bad film. But we have to hit research papers and play scripts before Tuesday. I might skim the scripts form here on; the last one I read was pretty bland.

I talked to my Greenville friend, and he's available to meet up with us the weekend of Aug. 15.

Picture of the Day
This is from the Seattle alt-weekly, The Stranger.

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