Letters to Holly

Tuesday, September 9


The ductwork company called last week to set up a time to come by and give us an estimate for the basement work. We agreed to meet at the house Friday night at 6. He4 never showed up. I gave him 90 minutes before I left to get dinner. He called again yesterday to set up another rendezvous: last night at 6. He showed up at 6:20 and said he needed to hurry because he had his young kid in the truck. The estimate was about what we expected, and I signed it. He said he needed to bring his boss by on Tuesday to double-check the ducts. Then he explained the codes had changed and new ductwork has to be a half-inch thicker. The estimate might change becuase of that. Common sense would ask why the estimate wasn't offered before that inspection.

Whenever this work is done, we'll need to ask the restoration people to come by and patch the drywall. And then -- maybe -- we'll be finished with all this.

Your Sister officially has a motorcycle endorsement on her license. She's a biker chick.

I was told yesterday that the theatre board decided to drop the proposed opening play, the apartment comedy, and focus on renovating the space and aiming for the Christmas show. I'm of mixed feeling. I like that comedy a lot and fought hard for it. When it didn't have the support, I watched it get shelved, only to emerge again late in consideration. Now it's gone again. On the other hand, as the new publicity director, it's one less show to sell to the press, but I think we need to tell the community our plans.

Also, since I heard about this board decision secondhand, I assume this means my application to the board was rejected. I had an energetic sponsorship, but they meet at lunch while I work in another county.

I also talked to next semester's newspaper teacher, and we made tiny plans for organizing the paper virtually from scratch. She used to run a college paper, as did I, and I think we can give the kids a good start. I got to introduce her to Chick Tracts, the horrifyingly zealous Christian comic books. I grew up with them, adoring the artwork and dutifully nodding along to the text before my brain convulsed and rejected the outright bigotry and paranoia. They're now unintentional comedy gold, and the best is Dark Dungeons, the "expose" on role-playing games. I had plenty of arguments with My Parents over my casual gaming. They were convinced I was going to hell for it. This was the official stance of the Baptist church. Probably still is.

Our NFL Bet
Her Teams
Patriots (1-0), Chargers (0-1)
Panthers (1-0), Giants (1-0)

My Teams
Steelers (1-0), Jaquars (0-1)
Panthers(1-0), Cowboys (1-0)

Picture of the Day
This allegedly a real church sign.

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