Letters to Holly

Friday, September 12

A Smidgen

It's not that I'm bored with the blog. It's just that nothing big is happening.

I've done some garden work. We've developed little worms laying eggs on the gourds. It seems that my monstrous pumpkin vines will only grow one jack o'lantern this year.

Your Sis is dragging, and needs a weekend badly. But she'll work most of the time, of course. She's also trying to set up the Atlanta honeymoon weekend for Your Parents.

Our hamlet is running out of gasoline. This exact same thing happened after Katrina. The pipeline stopped running for a few days, and morons flocked to the stations to fill up any container they had. Some, like my late uncle, filled up their boats. Prices soared, stations ran dry, and then gas was trucked in a week later. I filled up this morning and should be OK for a week. The panic has hit Asheville too.; the Ingles station nearest to the office is now sans gas.

I'm sketching more, and plan to take my painting to the frame shop this weekend.

Picture of the Day
He can even stop the political rancor.

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