Letters to Holly

Thursday, October 23

600 Posts

According to BlogCommand, a fearsome network of servers buried deep in the Nevada desert, this is the 601st post for the blog. I'm treating myself to a lollipop in celebration.

I hoped to exercise Tuesday, but I picked up the weary bug floating around Mayberry's schools. Your Sis had it last week. She made two cake batters last night -- banana bread and pumpkin cake -- using recipes she wrote down in sixth grade. I got to see her handwriting from way back when, and it's immaculate compared to my kiddie scrawlings.

I got home late from work (the magazine process crushes the soul so often) and ran in the very cold air for half an hour. The new stride seems to work, but I think I tweaked my knee. I may take it easy tonight and save the running for Saturday.

We spent the evening watching MSNBC's political commentary shows. The two primetime hosts -- Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow -- are practically siblings; their delivery is exactly the same. Your Sis was curious about the recent election doings, and she paused the programs often so we could debate the new scandals and polls.

For instance, let's say McCain/palin lose in November. If you're the GOP, what do you do with Palin on Nov. 5? You could try to train her for a 2012 run, but she'll be blamed for losing the election. Does the GOP mold itself around McCain or does a new face emerge to lead the party?

I've heard nothing about the play. No idea if anyone else has been cast or bumped me from the two roles discussed on Sunday.

Picture of the Day
It still sounds like he yells "Carrie!" when he exits the X-Wing.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on this milestone.

why, i remember, in the very beginning, this started out as massive letters to your to-be sister-in-law who had a thirst for pop culture updates while marooned in a land far, far away.

Gregory said...

I remember typing the pages in my first apartment. It was the last thing I'd do before calling it a night.

I really miss that apartment sometimes.