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Tuesday, October 21

Running Better

I may have finally found a running form. I know; it only took five years.

Recent runs have established that running faster curtails the rib aches, and slight shoulder swings help me more than just sweeping the arms. I imagine I look now like marathon runners. I always thought their form was counter-intuitive, but I find it's quite natural at a higher speed.

I ran last night for what I thought would be a short course. I was about a mile in when I realized I could run the 5k course in less traffic than I'd see on a weekend. Off I went. Using the new form, it felt pretty good. I had my breath, my ribs didn't ache, and I could maintain the speed. I felt it in my legs, and I called them names for most of the run. The obligatory heartbreak-hill section wasn't nearly as bad as I feared even though it always comes within the last half-mile of the course. When I passed that, I was able to jump to fourth gear and zoom to the finish line. And I kept running. I did a mile after that 5k stretch, making the longest distance I've tried off a treadmill.

I have little shin soreness today, and tonight's exercise will be small stuff. I plan to run a little Wednesday, run the whole course on Thursday, and take Friday off. Saturday looks busy: college homecoming, a script read, the race, and a pumpkin-carving party. Somewhere in there might be a chat with the mentoring student; I've heard nothing from him since Columbus Day.

I still need a practical costume for the race. I might wear my wrestling gear again. The championship belt should help my posture.

Picture of the Day
Hoping for smooth sailing this weekend.

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