Letters to Holly

Wednesday, January 14

Not Any Better

This stomach thing has become a monster. I continue to have a swollen feeling and pain, and now my stomach has opened the trap door. It's endless. I can't sleep, and my breakfast is a large Gatorade. The Pepto-Bismol helped a tad, but now I worry that it did more harm; maybe I want the symptoms to run their course instead of being muffled by pink sludge. I woke to find a cup of mint tea in my bathroom from Your Sister, who begins her exam week with a shell of a husband.

If this lasts another few days, I'm finding a doctor. It doesn't feel like my old ulcer acting up, and this area doesn't carry Swazi chicken innards. If it's a virus, it's horrible.

Picture of the Day
Artist's approximation of the disaster.

1 comment:

holly said...

hope you feel better, big guy.

it's always the cunundrum...let the diarrhea take its course and flush your system, or take something to plug you up --> which makes a person more functional yet could keep the nasty pathogen sitting around in your system longer.

if it was the wings, may be salmonella which passes through pretty quickly without Abx.