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Friday, January 16

Gutting It Out

According to Kathy, the stomach thing I got is a town virus. She had it, her hubby had it. We were at their place Sunday. I got it Monday. Ergo. Therefore. Such as. Seems I didn't contract Sam and Ella after all. And here I thought I had conquered it through stubbornness.

My tummy is noisy but lazier, and I'm determined to feed it whatever I want to eat. However, I suddenly can't eat as much as I could, say, last week. Either my stomach has shrunk, or it's already half full. Either way, I can buy cheaper, smaller lunches now.

+ + +

FOX sued Warner Brothers a few months back over Watchmen. FOX said it never relinquished rights to make the film. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the matter has been settled, and the studios will ask the judge to dismiss the case today. The movie is still scheduled to release March 6. No terms were disclosed, and geeks had hoped WB would give FOX the remaining rights to finally release the 1960s Batman TV show on DVD.

+ + +

I had a small breakthrough with the comic story, and it might just be acceptably unbad. My fearsome English Major powers broke down the simple plot and strung together a theme and everything. All the dry gunk teachers ask the kids to look for and extrapolate. "Do you think he was trying to say such-and-such?" Yeah, I'm actually adding all that stuff to the story. I'm debating whether I'm writing a fable or an allegory, and thank God I'm drawing spaceships and superpowers or this would be incredibly boring.

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