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Wednesday, January 21

We're Inaugured

As soon as my stomach-ick vanished, Your Sister developed it. Hers was much milder, but the signs are clear: The abdomen was swollen and tender, and she had nausea. It was gone in a few days.

My back has again acted up -- further proof that I am old -- and I'm testing remedies. The heat wraps are nice, but the IcyHot lotion is an immediate boon. I think the cold mixed with my office chair to wrack my lower spine. It only flared up again a few days ago so I no longer suspect it's an onset of MS. I worry it's a weight issue, but I haven't put on that much winter weight. Still, to be safe, I'll went to the gym Monday and ran.

I was asked to be part of a Valentine's dinner theater production. It would be me and an actress performing a ten-page work. We would set up our own rehearsals, and I suppose be our own director. I'm gonna pass. The comic story is blossoming well, and I want to focus on that for now.

I stayed home and watched the ceremonies. I was snowed in from work. Your Sis had to report for duty despite the treacherous ice, and a student threatened to jump from the stadium bleachers. He was talked down by some administrators. My day was more mundane. I cleaned the house while watching the coverage of the swearing-in. I watched it again with Your Sis when she got home. It was roughly nine hours of inauguration coverage, and I was Obama-blind by the time I got to bed.

But I was glad to watch it, and I really did enjoy it when we all weren't terrified that Ted Kennedy died between entrees. Our First Couple are adorable, and their kids are adorable, and he delivered a speech that demands action and maturity. What's not to like?

Lost returns tonight with a two-hour season premiere.

Picture of the Day
Maybe we shouldn't take that cruise.

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