Letters to Holly

Friday, January 23

The Curtain is Risen.

Let me share with you a secret. A shocking revelation that will no doubt reshape your perception of the universe. You will be changed. You shan't ever go back to the innocence you enjoyed until this very significant moment. Gird yourself. Scrunch up your face to dilute the white-hot flash from the mushroom cloud of the truth bomb.


Attend: Your Sister is prone to fretting.

Don't stone the prophet. I burden you with reality to prepare you for the divulged dimension we shall now inhabit together.

The new semester includes her first attempt at teaching seniors. And she was unnerved. Actually she was doubly nerved. Her nerves had nerves. Then she realized she had taught most of these kids before, and they regarded her fondly. So, no, Mrs. Crabapple, you're not teaching Dangerous Minds. Chillax. She celebrated the easing of tensions with some TV and hot chocolate.

I continued to delineate my short comic. Literally. I'm thumbnailing my story to fit six pages, and I have to cut scenes I had great hopes for. The plot is shifting, but I know how it should start and end. The middle, where the protagonist must be convinced to act, is the trick.

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