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Thursday, January 22

I'm Going to Blab.

Lost was really really good last night, and they are truly stepping up the action. When a character deflected repeated requests to explain what was going on, he was slapped and promptly spilled the beans. This is what the show needs to do right now. Explicate. Pay off. Reward the loyal viewers, and last night appears to be the right start to the last two seasons.

I made a dish that required crumbled Saltines, and it surprisingly didn't taste white-trashy at all.

Your Sister begins the news semester today, and she continues to fret about teaching seniors. I try to remind her that they need her passing grade to graduate. She has the Power of Grayskull. She alone can determine their fate. I'd make a chart of bribe hierarchies. ("I will not respond to any muffin devoid of chocolate. If said muffin chocolate is revealed to be laxatives, your body will be buried in the end zone. Also, I like argyle socks.")

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In the Cool News
Obama has been busy. He took his oath again last night (sans Bible, and man is that raising a stink). He's going to overturn the Bush ban on federal funds going to goreign agencies that provide abortion services today on this 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. He froze the salaries of his senior staff, began legislation to close Gitmo, and called Middle East leaders to work on that whole blood-feud thing. He's workin'.

As are the people who make a living kvetching to their audiences. The local radio preacher is practically declaring America is dead, and how is "Prayer Time" hour of comment is a legal use of religious resources I can't imagine. The usual national suspects are prophesying doom. But mostly they exude the sourest of sour grapes. All of them had a favorite GOP candidate, and all of them lost. Most of them didn't get beyond May as viable candidates. And there is no immediate sign of sure charismatic leadership. Palin is their best bet. Huckabee is developing a media platform with a book tour and a new FOX News show. But both reach to the moral conservatives, assuming that bloc of voters lay dormant in the November elections. They didn't. They voted. They lost. Why fish in that barrel again? It's desperation.

Hillary had two nay votes for her Senate confirmation yesterday. One was from S.C., and he only did so to appease the state party that still can't support a female candidate for any office beyond superintendent of education. Governor? Senator? Not in South Carolina. Certainly not as a Republican. There's too much cultural tradition to keep women subordinate. So how can that state hope to carry palin in 2012? How can any moral-conservative with a strict religious upbringing vote for a woman to lead the country when they won't let a woman lead their church? It won't happen. The GOP can only get her elected by pursuing economic conservatism. And only after they etach her what that means.

Picture of the Day
This is a great shirt.

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