Letters to Holly

Friday, June 19

I Have No Feet and I Must Scream

I ran this morning in a shaggy, shoving way that convinced me I was falling apart. I couldn't find the breathing rhythm, and my feet were yelling at me like a pouting teenager. I sounded like Speed Buggy (Please tell me you remember Speed Buggy. Assure me I'm not a geezer. And, no, it wasn't the live-action dune buggy show. That was Wonderbug.).

It was the hardest run of the week, and I suspect I had nothing in the tank despite my snack and water. I was so cranky that I couldn't find a decent song on the iPod. It was just that kind of morning. I heaved my way up the final hill, checked my time, and discovered I'd gone faster than ever. 17:28. Eighteen seconds faster than Thursday, and a minute and eight seconds faster than my run Sunday. I'm taking tomorrow morning off as I will be in Charlotte at a geek show and on my feet all day. Next week, I'll try running longer distances.

Your Sister is driving her motorcycle to see Your Parents today. I don't think they know about it. That should be a fun conversation. Now that school is over, she has packed her days with Things To Do, including but not limited to upgrading my closet (from cave to wardrobe), designing bookshelves, and installing a gas stove. She thinks she's lazy in comparison to me because I run, and I give her a look that says "I'm giving you a crazy look because you are crazy and this is the appropriate crazy look one gives to crazy people."

The street work outside our house is not for high-speed internet but for new cable lines. It won't affect our internet installation on Monday, or so I was told. We found out just last night that DirecTV gave us virtually every premium channels for a year, and I showed her the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 movie.

In the News
Two new studies suggest autism may be caused by a deficiency of Vitamin D. The studies follow Somali immigrants to Sweden and Minnesota, and the rapid development of autism in those communities.

Moving Picture of the Day
Remember when I told you that Chewbacca was a symptom of the Bigfoot mania of the 1970s? Basically Han was a moonshine runner with his pet Sasquatch. It's actually a chunk of genius for Lucas to take that cultural scofflaw type, pair him with a hillbilly monster, and put him in space. Here's the opening for the Saturday morning Bigfoot show. This both fascinated and scared the poop out of me as a tyke.

There was also a bionic Bigfoot that fought Colonel Steve Austin.


Anonymous said...

i remember speedbuggy, part of the extended Hanna Barbara universe, no?

Gregory said...

Yep, he was part of their crime-fighting cartoon family.

Also a valuable member of the Scoobie Doobies as they competed in the Laff-A-Lympics against the Yogi Yahooeys and the Really Rottens.