Letters to Holly

Wednesday, June 17

Wake Up and Run

This morning, I ran the 2-mile course in 17:40, 40 seconds faster than Monday's run. I'm cutting twenty seconds off my run time each morning. And I'm feeling it as I type this. My feet are sore -- actually, my toes are asleep -- and my hamstrings are tender. Weather permitting, I'll run tomorrow without trying to break any records.

It's not as difficult as I thought to get up an hour earlier and run like I'm on fire. I can't stretch as far as I'd like when I first wake up, but it's apparently enough to ward off injury. I drink a few gulps of water and eat a teaspoon of peanut butter. I walk to the end of the street, start my music, hit the iPod stopwatch button, and run. Less than 20 minutes later, I'm at the intersection again, soaked with sweat despite my moisture-wicking shirt, and starting a victory walk. I go inside, stretch, lift some weights, and pile myself in a corner of the shower.

The rain vanished for enough days that I worried about the soil quality in the garden. I bought some manure to act as low-grade potting soil and plant food to sprinkle about the garden. It took perhaps a half hour to put all that down, and then it rained buckets. I'm hoping this spurs plentiful sprouting. The plants look okay at this point. The cucumber vines are crawling, the corn grass is stretching, and the pepper plants are budding.

Your Sister discovered that her school wing would be locked down for two weeks for maintenance. That left her a few hours to empty her classroom of all the plants and necessary books. However, it does mean she's essentially done with the semester. She slept in this morning as I walked out the door to run in the mist.

I called my actors to set the first rehearsal date. We'll meet next Tuesday for a readthrough.

Picture of the Day
This is a crimefighter zone. Do not use your Joker gas on the little ones.

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