Letters to Holly

Tuesday, July 21

Bachelor Life

The bachelor life hasn't extended this long since I married Your Sis. We did have the long break right after I moved here, and she left to visit you in Snazziland. The shift would be more jarring, I suppose, if I hadn't been gone so much last week with the play. It got us accustomed to not seeing the other.

It's a big house for one person. I'm hyper-aware of having so much space to myself. I'm also sticking largely to our old routines. I wake up at the same time, etc. The freedom of schedule is almost unsettling what with no wife and no play, both temporarily.

I need to do something to commemorate her return, but I haven't had the inspiration yet. On Sunday, she told me she'd be out of communication for a few days, much like an astronaut on the dark side of the moon. She's my prairie-naut, shacked in a log-cabin space station.

I ran yesterday when I got home. I haven't run in the evening in months, but the clear air made it feel like the morning run. The time away from running (almost two weeks) worried me, but my body seemed eager to get back at it. My feet are still swollen from the play work. Still, they didn't bother me during the run.

More high-school folks are contacting me through FaceBook, and I chatted with an especially close old friend last night. We traded stories from the past decades and cringed over our prom picture.

Picture of the Day
A online conversation about the moon-landing anniversary reminded me of when Oscar the Grouch's pet worm went to space:

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