Letters to Holly

Friday, July 24


Until you buy something new, you have no idea how many variations there are. For instance, nails. I wanted to reattach the baseboards to the walls. These were pried off when the water heater died and leaked. I checked the nail remnants, and it looked like a simple matter to replace them. Until I went to Lowe's and discovered a quarter of an aisle devoted only to nails. Dozens of types and lengths.

This is good. Carpenters and contractors need a variety of them. But Lowe's should have a simplified store section for people like me. One can go to the regular aisle to get exterior galvanized 3 and 1/4 inch nails with countersink heads. Or one can go to the simplified section where you find hundreds of one box style marked NAILS. That's what I wanted. What I bought seemed to work OK, but we're missing some baseboards. I reattached what I could. Then I ran for two miles.

Your Sis called last night to affirm she is still alive, but she would spill no beans of what I suspect are multiple adventures featuring bears and platinum mines and handsome lumberjack colonies. She's having a fantastic time, and I'll see her after the show on Saturday.

This weekend is the annual Comic Con, North America's biggest and most important pop-culture convention with news of future events spilling about like marbles. Somewhere in the midst of it is a comic story I made. That's heady stuff.

The last three shows begin tonight. Hard to believe I'm finally at this point. The local paper ran our "review," which uses the default newspaper template of simply naming all the performers. We have brought in more people than the three-act debut play in May, and plans are afoot to buy a new curtain set for the stage. Deck chairs and Titanic and all that.

Picture of the Day
One such revelation is the teaser poster for a remake of the Elm Street franchise. I dressed up as Freddy one Halloween while in high school. I had never seen the movies so my costume was very wrong. I'm not as annoyed as others my age by all the remakes. I like the idea of franchise cycles, and I fully expect to see a Star Wars remake before I'm twice this age.

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