Letters to Holly

Wednesday, July 8

Brief Transmission

I slept in today and didn't run. I'll regret that. I took Your Sis out for a quick burrito dinner followed by a sundae at the soda shop. We were surrounded by camp kids from the local college. She picked up some ceramic knickknacks for the play, and I've almost taken care of the entire prop list.

My Mom gave us her old piano books, and Your Sis is starting to play again. I'll crack them open in a few weeks when Your Sister is in Maine.

By the way, Your Sister is going to Maine.

I played the online game again. My free demo ends Saturday, and I won't play it anymore. It's addictive. I can't sit for hours in front of the screen again and rush to bed. It wrecks the sleep patterns. I see why full-time gamers chug Red Bull while playing; it's exhausting.

Moving Picture of the Day
Cooking With Villainy was but a taste of the untapped hilarity within Dr. Doom.

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