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Tuesday, July 7

Glee and Gratitude

I called the Broadway revue director and settled the rehearsal mess. We'll skip Tuesday and rehearse Wednesday and Thursday. We'll take Friday off and run our double tech Saturday. The cast was amenable. I had the majority of props together and showed them the new stuff. They approved. I had to set up everything and find props moved by the youth camp before we started. That and the schedule explanation got us started late, but once we started, they blew me away.

They have clearly worked on their lines. This was our first run without scripts, and it's the universal clumsy rehearsal. Everyone stumbles on this step. You don't know that you know the lines. But you do. You get in your own way. You second-guess.The new props helped a bit to cue their lines. They were getting frustrated early, and I called time out to soothe them and explain that I'd feed them lines if they asked, but they had to relax. We still have time to learn this stuff.

They chilled and rolled through. We stopped a few times to straighten out lines and movement, but my end notes consisted of lavishing them with praise and congratulating them for getting through the hardest rehearsal of every play. I tried to keep it light and fun, and we laughed through it. It was a fantastic feeling. I have a great cast who understand where they need to be and what they have to do to get there. I was elated driving back home. The off-stage stuff drives me to murder, but the play work is the polar opposite. It's dizzying. They even offered to bring in props from home, but I fear they'll break. It's inevitable. I can get the rest of the props cheap at secondhand stores. But I appreciate the offer. We are going to destroy the other one-acts. I am confident beyond confidence.

I spent the evening playing an online superhero game with people through the state. I think I blinked five times.

I hit my fastest run time so far for two miles, 17: 19. That's 9 seconds faster than my previous record. We went to the local lawyer to settle my legal papers. It's the same guy who helped us sign our house and officiated our formal wedding. Great guy.

In the News

NPR posted a story reacting to an editorial mandate that Supergirl wear shorts under the skirt.

The man in question: DC Comics editor Matt Idleson. The pronouncement he issued was just eight words long, but such is its paradigm-shattering power that it will surely stand one day in the annals of comic book history, alongside "With great power comes great responsibility," "Truth, Justice and the American Way," and "Shazam!"

Thus spake Idleson:

"I never want to see Supergirl's panties again."

About time too. Supergirl's a teenager, and artists use her for blatant cheesecake. This link brought to you by Curmudgeon Airlines.

Picture of the Day
This is Jessie, and we hung out with her at DragonCon last year. She loves Supergirl and understands that she's part of the Superfranchise and has to uphold a reputation.

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