Letters to Holly

Tuesday, October 20


I forgot to mention two items of conspicuous consumption.

Saturday afternoon, after I prattled at the senior for an hour, I bought new running shoes. I think my original pair are three years old. The soles are starting to peel, a good barometer of when to get new shoes. I think. Maybe. With the Halloween race coming up, I thought I should get a new pair now and break them in. The local sports store owner knew exactly what I was looking for, and found me a pair that fit within seconds. They felt marvelous. Like they were molded for my feet, and I could tell only then just how flat my first shoes had gotten. I wore them all day, and they felt like slippers. I hope to run in them tonight. I'm leaning toward a skeleton costume for the race. I have the gloves from the Scrooge play to wear.

On Sunday, we bought pumpkins from a church. They had a small patch in front of their big steeple room, and we grabbed three. The biggest is for Your Sister, and I predict she'll need a half hour just to scoop out the brains. We're hosting a party on Saturday, and I picked up more cutting kits and decorations last night. I can find no Krackel, my favorite candy bar, and I take it personally.

The NFL Bet
Her Teams (boo!)
New England (4-2)
Pittsburgh (3-2)

St. Louis (0-6)
New York Giants (5-1)

My Teams (yea!)
New England (4-2)
Pittsburgh (4-2)

Philadelphia (3-2)
Atlanta (4-1)

Moving Picture of the Day
It wasn't, but it should've.

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