Letters to Holly

Friday, October 23

Win if You Can, Lose if You Must, But Always Cheat.

Your Sister received a late email informing her the dodgeball team would be made up of teachers and named the Pugnacious Pedants. When the tournament began, however, a typo rendered them the Pugnacious Pendants. They still got to use Hot for Teacher as an entrance theme. This is the second tournament for the high school art guild, and it remains a huge success. At least a dozen teams played in double elimination for two hours, and her team made it pretty deep.

There was an instance when she ran to the other team's side of the court (a gross violation) and she removed herself from that bout. But apparently she terrified the other team into paralysis, and they lost easily. I didn't get out of work early enough to see this, but I am not shocked. Of course she wandered onto their side; she also hogs the mattress in a spousal manifest destiny. I ascribed her action to watching too much pro wrestling with its many catchphrases in praise of cheating. So is this my fault? I can't believe that. I'm a paragon of virtue, and I've marinated in the junk for decades.

The winning team (the AK47s) won the school's version of the Stanley Cup, a giant gold hand clutching a dodgeball. It's the final day of the homecoming week, and today's theme is "extreme blue and white." She wore her devil horns to school. She's adorable.

We discovered a local bar now serves gyros, and I may have a new favorite watering hole. I'm a gyro whore, and I am not ashamed.

I still need a costume for next week's race, and I hope to check the local stores for a lightweight skeleton mask and costume.

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Stevie Stevie Stevie.

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