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Tuesday, October 6

Running on Fumes

I realize my diet is slight. Unhealthy, perhaps. But it works for me.

I eat two granola bars for breakfast around 8:30. This is during my commute now as the boss doesn't want us to eat at our desks anymore. She's afraid crumbs = germs = Swine Flu. The edict also means I lose my lunch habit of scarfing down a sandwich at my computer and using my full lunch hour to drive around town and rest my eyes. Now I take my lunch hour around noon and grab a Starbucks drink (something thick) and a hand-sized bread snack. Sometimes a muffin, sometimes a croissant. I nurse the drink for the rest of the workday. That tides me over until I get home.

On days like yesterday, I'll open the door, drop everything, change, stretch, and run. Maybe this flimsy diet is working; I stormed through my 5k route. That's seven minutes better than my first 5k run. I'd like to cut that by another three minutes before the Halloween race. That would be only ten minutes off the times of the local college athletes.

It was an odd start. I was beat up from the floor exercises, and my initial pace was quicker than usual. I managed to stay at that pace for the rest of the route, surprisingly. The local indoor climbing-wall business is holding a kids' health camp, and they're now on my route, doing short laps in the parking lot and ground exercises as I run past. I like to think my running catches their eye and nudges them to try it.

Maybe the increase in runners will encourage the dog walkers to handle their mutts differently. Come on, people. Put both leashes on one hand. Stop sprawling. Just yesterday, I had to run into the road because two walkers, side by side, heard me behind them, stopped cold, turned, and stared at me as I ran toward them. They made no effort to share the path. Does cold make people stupid?

Your Sister worked late, and I thawed out the Spaghetti Bucket. A sauce from veggie trimmings actually gets better after it freezes. I think the slow evaporation of water reduces it to the core taste components. Either way, we wolfed it down last night when she got home. Dinner is now my one true meal each day. There haven't been any negative effects as I've noticed. I'm thinner, yes, but toned from the running, and I've got my normal Daffy Duck energy.

Yesterday, during my lunch hour, I strolled through Lowe's for repair ideas. I think I figured out how to fix our gutter leaks and which new lawnmower I'll get. I compared prices for ladders, and I had no idea height was so expensive.

Picture of the Day
Communist China's air force celebrates the country's 60th anniversary.

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