Letters to Holly

Thursday, October 8


See, the plan was that I would come home, run, and prepare dinner. Earlier in the week, as we always do, we planned out our menus before buying groceries and so we didn't coincidentally make the same dish. I was going to make leftovers this week. Monday was the spaghetti, and yesterday was to be the lamb and cabbage soup. It's been in the freezer since last week.

I forgot to take it out to thaw. I didn't remember until before the run. I came back, and an hour was not enough to get it started. Seven minutes on "defrost" in the microwave wasn't enough. I realized my cunning plan had fallen through. Your Sister had just gotten home.

Me: Um, yeah, this isn't happening. Sorry.
Her: Oh, how many times have I had to take you out because I forgot to thaw dinner?
Me: Yeah, I s'pose. Alright, let me fetch my pants.

No one can pitch a romantic dinner like me, buddy. The dinner was fine, and we got cheaply tipsy on one glass of alky-hall each.

My run was a chore. I tried a shorter stride, and it durn near killed me. I think my lunch was too heavy. It was a real struggle once I hit the two-mile mark, but I did finish two seconds quicker than Monday's time.

I finally got my list of genres for the library project, and I can begin sketching. The senior making a comic for his independent project seems to have zoned out. It's his responsibility to contact me and bring me into his project, and I just sit back and wait.

I got an email from the leader of the script committee about a theatre schedule conflict. We planned the new theater season last month, and it included The Odd Couple. Unfortunately, very recently, a smaller group in a local gated community announced they're doing the female version of Odd Couple at roughly the same time. That community constitutes a sizable chunk of our theater's audience, and there's worry that the conflicting shows will cost us at the box office. The plan is to move our production to the summer. I have an idea that's seems so obvious and simple that it's sure to become an impractical, complicated fiasco: Combine the two shows.

In Odd Couple (both versions), the two leads set up a date with neighbors upstairs. In the male version, this is with the Pigeon Sisters. In the female version, it's the Spanish brothers. Why not have the leads of one production play the dates in another? The two groups can collectively market and package the shows as a community theatre experience and offer discounts for people who commit to seeing both shows. If they're really adventurous, they can ask two distinct restaurants to provide a meal-combo for the dates of the show, and the restaurants (say a Mexican and the low-country seafood joints) can be referred to as an odd couple themselves. The motto of the whole thing can be something like "see what happens when the roles are reversed."

If this were, say, my Greenville theatre and one of the smaller companies, I'd suggest it and push for it. Here? I suspect diva behavior would scuttle it.

Picture of the Day
Berlin celebrated the destruction of the wall and the reunification of the two Germanies (20 years ago, omigod) with an art project. Two giant marionettes paraded around the city in a narrative of a reunion. You can see the whole project here.


Anonymous said...

i actually saw that video when it happened, or very nearly after the fact via youtube and people posting cool things to FB. But, I didn't realize the significance of the public art project. so thank you!

Gregory said...

I knew nothing about it until I went to The Big Picture. That site is indispensable. I think, had I watched video of it, I would have been reduced. Your Sister married an eight year old, sometimes a sappy eight year old.