Letters to Holly

Monday, February 15


And my computer has died. There seems to be a major hardware problem that not only causes my computer to never turn off, but Windows won't boot up. I cracked open the case and removed the memory chip I installed recently. Nada. I tried to recover using the Windows XP disc. My computer couldn't recognize it. I'm taking the machine out back and shooting it. I'm already pricing HP laptops (similar to Your Sister's), and I hope to have a machine by this weekend.

The computer is almost exactly 4 years old. While it toiled mightily, it did so vocally. It was always something. This could be repaired if I take it back to the small shop that made it. But that guy disappointed me right off, and I won't give him more money. I'll go to Best Buy. Thank Vader I backed up my files about a month ago.

We're snowed in at home again, watching the Olympics and working on the medieval comic. She wants to calligraphify the text. That's doable.

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