Letters to Holly

Tuesday, March 16

Introspection and Toil

We take turns making dinner. Always have. This changes only when the other is buried in work, illness, or existential morass. I made dinner last night, but it wasn't a real dinner. It was ruben sandwiches.

Ruben sandwiches are messy to make, and the best people to make them are diner cooks. They have a big, flat cooking surface that was probably built greasy. It doesn't matter if the sauerkraut tumbles out or the dressing spills. Me, I get neurotic about the innards becoming outards. I work delicately. I baby the sandwiches when I flip them. I make it more work than it needs to be.

Then I feel guilty over the size of them. They are slivers of sustenance. They are credit card-thin. I make two of them for each of us. This can't be my attempt at making a supper: Two-dimensional appetizers that are ready in 20 minutes. It's not equal work. I must construct delicious tower for my baby mama.

I continue to work on the comic. After two pages, I see that I am timid in my panel structures. I must flesh it all out more. I must push. I'm glad to realize this now, at this point. The comic is telling me what I need to do. I'm glad to have this much progress and yet have enough time to adjust and correct. I'm also delighted to be making a 20-page comic.

Picture of the Day
I'm developing this kind of collaboration.


Anonymous said...

wow. kermit-henson and medieval comic-dickons.

one of the many gems that one picks up while studying medicine in the eastern part of the state is that the super staph infection with it's rare complication that killed Jim Henson was contracted while he visited his daughter in Ahoskie, NC...maybe 1 hour from Greenville deeper in the swamps.

Gregory said...

I recall that he died the same day as Sammi Davis Jr. It was such a double whammy.

Anonymous said...

ok, so i looked into it. he was visiting his mom and stepfather while his body was incubating a case of staphylococcus toxic shock syndrome. he went to see a local doc in Ahoskie (maybe the only doc in Ahoskie), who diagnosed it as flu and recommended aspirin.