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Thursday, March 18

Sketchy Progress

I stayed home sick Wednesday with a sudden head cold. I ate Vitamin C pills and yogurt, and Your Sister bought me the delicious 99-cent frozen pizzas that I adore. I actually napped. I hate naps. I feel better today, but I ate that I missed a day of drawing.

Something I realized when working on this hero minicomic: I usually don't draw this big. Even when I draw on art boards, I tend to pack the comic page with too many panels. This time, I deliberately made bigger, fewer panels per page to leave room for the dialogue. It's made for panels wit lots of space inside for backgrounds and people (and they'll get covered by word balloons), and it's made me draw in larger strokes.

I'm getting down the basics of the panels and moving on to the next page. My backgrounds will need tightening, but that can be done right before I ink. I want to come back to the pages with a fresh eye and catch the problems before I declare them ink ready.

Here are the small sketches of two pages and their accompanying larger, tighter drawings. I ned to add shadows and flesh out the backgrounds.

+ + +

Moving Picture of the Day
This made me laugh up my medicine.

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