Letters to Holly

Wednesday, March 10


Just to prove work is getting done. These are shaded panels from the medieval comic.

I also started another draft of the hero minicomic and changed the layout of the ending. It has the tone I wanted, now in simpler panels. I'm getting up earlier and going to bed later to work on it. Not that you know anything about that.

I'm taking Saturday night off to see local roller derby.

This week's Lost is the goods. See it when you can.

I think Your Aunt wants to buy us a new car, site unseen. I'm trying to dissuade her. Also, Your Mom is anxious to learn the baby's real name. I may suggest Roo-sevelt.

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Anonymous said...

good luck balancing the moms and aunts. sounds exhausting. but wait, then again, everything always sounds exhausting to me.
i now dub my naps "brain-palate cleansings."