Letters to Holly

Thursday, March 11

Singled Out

The Missus is off to a convention, and I'll see her again tomorrow night. We said our goodbyes before she drove to work, and she got teary. She always did, but now we can blame it on the pregnancy. She dabbed her eyes, and now my hanky has her tears on it. I tell her things like "neither of us are gong off to war," and it does no good.

I will do more thumbnails and sketches for the hero mini. If I can open up my style a bit -- more cartoony -- I can draw this quick. I've again tweaked the script for dialogue, but the panel layout from yesterday remains. I'm sure I'll adjust the words right until it's printed. My panic over the deadline is assuaged a bit. I can do this. Probably.

Picture of the Day
Or maybe I'll just drink tonight and watch basketball.

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