Letters to Holly

Tuesday, May 18

Growth Spurts

Your Sister is very uncomfortable. She can't sit in one position long nor can she easily stand without help. She yogas her back to help the pain, but Roo is now moving when she's trying to stretch, blocking her efforts to keep at any one exercise. Her feet are swelling at the ankles, and we walk or soak them. Her belly is now completely covered by the uterus, and that firm texture is now squishy. She's definitely growing forward now. I need to check our baby-seat boots in the Matrix and assemble the changing station. I might do that tonight.

I added three bags of Starbucks coffee grounds to our compost bin and churned the pile. Nothing has sprouted in the garden yet, but it's been a little over a week.

Tonight's Lost is supposed to be big. Last night's House was the season finale, and interesting doings occurred. They went all out on the direction and editing.

Picture of the Day
Know your geometry.

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Anonymous said...

ok, this is random.
but i've had 2 classmates say that their momma's never got the COHI fundraiser mother's day cards.

Please say that you and H got yours...otherwise my trust in the G'ville post office shall be in shambles. SHAMBLES!