Letters to Holly

Friday, May 21

Dr. Gregory (at) House

Your Sister may have caught a bug. She's experienced dizziness and nausea this morning and stayed home. I'm with her. We called the doctor's office and relayed the symptoms, and we were told it might be a stomach flu going around.

I suspect that's what any OBGYN office would say about a sick mom-to-be. It's smart and designed surely to squash any panic we might have had. It also could be true, I suppose. They prescribed a medication to fight nausea, Ondansetron (side effects may include poppin' and lockin'), and bland food. We're to see how she does for the next 24 hours. Roo is still moving, so they're not worried now.

I'm having some stomach problems too, and the flu theory may have merit. Or we might have eaten something off at the awards banquet last night. For the seventh year in a row, she was named a Memorable Educator by a senior.

When I went to the store for bland food, I asked the Starbucks people if they had any compost grounds behind their stand. They hadn't bagged it yet, and I was offered all they had: 15 gallons of grounds. I snagged it. I'll add it to our bin as soon as this rain lets up. I haven't watered the garden in weeks. Haven't had to.

I got my first emailed monster from a comic sold at convention. It's from an 8-year-old, and I adore it. I'm working up sketches for a logo for the new roller derby team, The French Broads. The contest deadline is June 30.

Moving Picture of the Day
Janelle Monae's Tightrope featuring Big Boi. This is a very '80s video. Also, they overdosed on Ondansetron.

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hey. i saw the lost finale in real time, so feel free to post your thoughts... if you have any. there are no spoilers for which to be wary.