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Monday, May 24

Nothing Is Irreversible

We're at home again today as Your Sister had something of a relapse Sunday. Saturday seemed OK, except I was feeling a whirling of the head too. So it can't be all pregnancy. Your Sister complained of fluid in her ear when we saw the doctor a week back, and he poo-pooed it. My symptoms were a headache, slight dizziness, and a fifth-gear work ethic. I went to town on my to-do list: testing the baby seats for our cars, cleaning out my car, composting and thinning the garden, cleaning my workshop, and assembling the jogging stroller. I stopped only to eat dinner. We went out to eat, showing how much better she was feeling.

But Sunday morning met her with a full case of the woozies. We called the doctor and got a new prescription, a type of Dramamine. I fetched groceries, and she took it easy all day. I also broke my piny toe punting the sidewalk border. It's swollen and bruised, but not painful to the touch. I don't think I can do anything for it except soak it to reduce the swelling. That night, we made Hawaiian pizza for the Lost finale.

This morning she's feeling better, but she's considering calling it a day for the rest of the semester. I think she's jumping the gun, but it's her call. I think she'll change her mind on that before week's end. She'll get cabin fever. I continue to telecommute, but there are some things I have to do at the office.

The Lost Finale
We watched the series review before the finale. Two hours of recap had us primed for the ending, and that 150 minutes was a massive and satisfying undertaking. My thoughts:

1) Thoroughly right in tone and plot. It felt good the whole way through.

2) The last shot refers back to the first shot (Jack opens his eyes in the bamboo field, Jack closes them in the bamboo field), and this tells us the show was Jack's story. He had a purpose in life after all, and he did what he always does: He fixed things. He had a very Christlike ending (pierced side, commissions his believer to carry on his work, is aware he saved his friends, etc.) and that's fine given the religious themes throughout this episode and the series.

3) There are unspun tales between Jack's death and the afterlife -- Hurley and Ben wielding the island as they see fit, the remaining lives of those on the plane -- but I'm not desperate to know what happens.

4) The reunions were what we wanted, and they were done well. However, not everyone is ready to move on. Ben has work to do (and he should stand apart from the Oceanic people), and Daniel and Charlotte didn't have a real moment on the island to refer back to. Eloise alone seems to know what's going on, and she wasn't in the church. But we know she moves through timelines on her own.

5) I want to watch the whole series again. This might happen as we're settling in with Roo.

6) I learned the DVD of the finale season will have an extra 20 minutes tying up smaller threads from the series.

7. Man, people are having babies everywhere. Maybe we should name Roo after Lepidus (who can't be killed) or the Russian agent ("Patchovich").

Picture of the Day
The National Post has a character review image. If you rollover the characters, you get a brief recap.

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