Letters to Holly

Friday, May 28

We'll Probably Bite Back

It's been quiet the last few days.

Your Sister's doctor appointment yesterday was slightly different. In addition to checking for premature delivery signals, she was swabbed, and we checked Roo with a scanner. He's in the right position, and the amniotic fluid level looked good. We tried to get final-and-for-real-this-time confirmation that Roo is an outie, but the position was all wrong for that. So a chance lingers that Roo is a Ruth. (Note: We won't use that name if Roo comes out all girly.) They remain baffeld about her dizziness, which she claims is calming down. Her blood sugar and pressure are fine. She's lost three pounds since the last appointment. Next week sees the first of our weekly appointments. She's going to work with me today for an office baby shower. I gave her feeble gifts for her birthday, but they included Nutella, and that was received well.

We had dessert with Kathy and Travis and talked babies. Their youngest is biting, and we discussed parenting tactics. I'm in favor of gradual deprivation. I hold out corporal punishment for capital offenses, and those include repeat offenses. We still like the idea of squirt bottles to shock the child and end the bad behavior until the child can understand verbal commands. As always, keep in mind we don't know know what we're doing. Kand T asked what we're missing for Roo, and we have no idea. In the mail yesterday, we received a baby seat for meals and bedding. I think all we're missing is the baby.

The annual Memorial day street festival offers a child-seat check, and I'll take my set-up there to confirm I did it right.

I'm still playing with a logo for the local roller derby B-team. I'll finish it before the second week of June and send it in so Roo can't distract me from it.

Picture of the Day
That baby is all kinds of squirmy.

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