Letters to Holly

Friday, June 18

School's Out. For a Year.

Grades are due noon on Friday. Your Sister stayed up late stamping FAIL onto all her papers and got up early this morning to input the numbers on her school computer. I got up early to drive here there and walk back home. I had my phone and Pandora to accompany me. It fed me Lil Kim and Def Leppard. I can simultaneously easily and never get used to this.

She was at school when I got home Thursday evening, and I spent at last an hour cleaning the garden. It's again growing kelp because of more and more rain. I also staked the tomato plants. One of them is a behemoth with four thick stalks branching out everywhere. I may have to buy tomato cages. Your Sis brought me a bag of worm castings (read: poo), and I'll add them to soil mounds I'll build around the stalk plants.

There are no signs that Roo is planning to leave the cave. All is the same.

Moving Picture of the Day
I have it under good authority that this recent ad features Andre 3000 covering The Beatles.

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Anonymous said...

yeah! school's out.