Letters to Holly

Monday, June 21

Twiddling Our Thumbs

Your Parents came into town Saturday to help us clean out Your Sister's classroom. She discovered another teacher has already begun pilfering her teaching notes, and she was determined to take as much home as possible. It took us about three hours, and we used Your Sister's newish truck vehicle to schlep the stuff home. It's piled up neatly in the storage room. We took them out for lunch and ended their visit with a Father's Day cake for Your Dad and me. They liked the nursery.

During the cake eating, I got yet another collection-agency call looking for my ex, and I traded notes with the operator. Whatever she's doing these days, she's doing it with a trail of financial debris streaming behind her.

Now that school and the comics are done, we don't know what to do with ourselves. She attended to the nursery, and I played my new game. World Cup is on the TV by default. We caught the A-Team movie Saturday night. She loved it. She was a bigger fan of the show than I was, but it's good brainless fun.

We spent Sunday in a simmering expectation of a Roo appearance, but we got nothing. We walked in the evening and talked to my Mom. The students who work at the grocery store hound Your Sister about baby details. Everyone wants the name.

I tended to our garden before work on Monday. Your Sis will run errands Monday and might be in Asheville while I'm at the office.

I have reestablished my trade with a Wisconsin comic guy. I send him sweet tea, and he sends cheese curds.

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