Letters to Holly

Friday, July 23


I won the derby logo contest. I just got the email. I am ecstatic. And relieved. I put some hours into that thing.

They want to tweak it a tad to guarantee reproduction, and that's fine. I'll meet with the team's artist-player after next week's bout, and we'll schedule a time. But that bout will feature the unveiling of the logo as it stands now for the whole town to see.

I don't know if I should say something on FB yet or not. I wanted to take friends with me, and I think I'd like to keep them in the dark until the logo flashes on the big screen/scoreboard.

But, for now, I do the Snoopy dance of joy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Congrats! That's excellent, just like your work!

Mark Brett said...

Congrats, Greg! I didn't even know you'd entered!

Gregory said...

I've started rationalizing my win by remembering they didn't broadly advertise the contest. The talent in Asheville should have buried me.