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Tuesday, October 12

Medical Mysteries

Constant Reader writes:
sounds like you guys are handling the colic, which was described to me in a family medicine on-line learning module as "sometimes some babies just have a hard time adjusting to digesting and absorbing their own nutrition through their newly colonized GI tract...it was so easy to get it from the placenta. Some kids just take longer to adjust." or something like that.
The various baby manuals we collected are vague to the point of enraging us. With so much detail on development stages, the colic comments fall back on probabilities and differing opinions and random remedies. Our sources consider colic to be as mysterious as spontaneous combustion. And the suggestion that white noise will "cure" colic is horsefeathers; it's employed to drown out the child's crying. There is more ink devoted to how to suffer through it than possible causes.

What you wrote makes sense. I suspect our boy gets it when he switches from milk straight from the tap to the bottled stuff. We shake up the bottles to eliminate separation, but I wonder about lingering settlement. We would switch most often in the evenings, and his colic would flare about ten minutes after he finished a bottle. Also, he might have been too full for comfort. Either way, whatever the cause, he's been almost completely free of it for a week now.

He did wake up last night at 3:30, the first time he hasn't made it through the night since Friday. I blame that on him eating without going straight to bed. He awoke hungry.

We both had Monday off, and I made inroads in my convention card art. I ran my old route downtown so as to force myself to run for at least 30 minutes. Your Sister took a quick look in the local consignment store but found nothing new for the deputy. Your Parents have him today, and, hopefully, Your Sister can catch her breath. She spoke with a teacher recently, and she's already feeling the pressure to be prepared for her return to school next fall. Also, she wonders if she can leave the boy at daycare. I'm pretty sure we can and will. She's surprised at how attached she is to him. I had no doubt she's be an affectionate mom. Not one.

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Russia apparently like to read books on House.

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