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Monday, October 11

Schemes and Designs

The sidekick now has a bedtime.

Your Sister suggested it a few nights ago, and the weekend felt like the best time to try it. I always thought it was for the benefit of the child: He gets his minimum amount of sleep which builds his mental and physical well-being. Now, I'm positive this is solely for the parents. Once the deputy is down for the count, we're off the clock as parents. We have our evenings back again, able to wind down and breath deep once more. We have begun whittling away at our DVR list of movies and shows. More important, we can retire to our own beds in a tranquil manner instead of racing to sleep before the baby erupts again.

Our design is to get him down by 8:30. We take him to the nursery, put him in a sleep outfit, and read to him. We'll each adjust our specific formula, but the setting and basics of the cycle will be the same. Last night was my turn. I tried to read to him, but he was already cranky, and I held him close as he nodded off, tucked him in, turned on the heart-sound bear, and made the notations in our baby journal. He was out by 8:40.

This deadline isn't random. His colic attacks were virtually all after 8:30. By feeding him and soothing him to sleep before that average time, we've avoided further attacks. This is win-win. He slept this morning until 6;30. That's ten hours. That's all night. We can only hope this continues.

In his waking hours, he's developing his curling muscles. He can grab his feet now (that yoga pose you cited), and he can arc his stomach off the floor. I'm not sure that he intentionally props himself on his elbows, but he has repeatedly lifted and turned his head from the floor. The curling will help him eventually roll over. As of now, he can only roll to his sides if we do it for him.

We officially announced this year's pumpkin-carving party, and we scheduled it around my 5k. we're trying to relocate the wireless internet hub in the house. Now that I have a laptop and can move around, there's no reason to keep the hub in the workshop. I'm home today and plan to crank out some art stuff in the workshop.

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Halloween creeps ever closer.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you guys are handling the colic, which was described to me in a family medicine on-line learning module as "sometimes some babies just have a hard time adjusting to digesting and absorbing their own nutrition through their newly colonized GI tract...it was so easy to get it from the placenta. Some kids just take longer to adjust." or something like that.