Letters to Holly

Thursday, October 28

New Baby Plateau

Your Nephew had his checkup.

He is in the 75th percentile of length, weighs just under 15 pounds, and is in the 55th percentile for head size. The last one surprised us. I suspect 12 of his pounds are skull. He got a second round of vaccinations, but he won't be considered fully immunized until the third round in two months. The doctor suggested we both get flu shots and warned he's still vulnerable to the local whooping cough. The doctor said he forgets how young the deputy is because he's so big. He's long but apparently lean.

My Mom is driving up Friday to spend the day with us and help babysit while we both visit the doctor. This weekend is quickly becoming packed. We only just yesterday put up Halloween decorations and cracked open the bags of candy to fill the official candy cauldron.

Amid the big push for early voting comes this caveat: Late surprises can make you regret that vote. A local sheriff candidate has been revealed to have legal decisions against him regarding bad checks for his various businesses. There's a bill in the NC legislature that would prohibit felons from acting in law enforcement, doubling the interest of this disclosure. The local paper did a bang-up job putting the article together, and the candidate is in a full defensive mode. It's both a shame and a relief the news came out this close to the elections. Imagine if no one knew about it until after he won.

Picture of the Day
Ray Bradbury is a bad motherfucker.

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