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Monday, November 1

The Race Actually Does Go To Swift.

It's been six years since I had anything resembling a physical. I was given a quick check when I applied for my current job, and the doctor's visit was geared around a drug test. I think he checked my temperature. I considered getting a check-up when I started running but didn't follow up on it and didn't encounter anything unnerving as I moved from treadmill to sidewalks (except my shocking weakness which I'll bemoan later).

Your Sis and I signed up with the same GP in town. This doctor was the one who checked on the deputy right after he was born, and we liked her a lot. We were glad to be accepted to her new client list in August, and we both had our appointments Friday. I went last. There were family history forms to fill out and dates of surgeries to remember, and I was at least close with those. The nurse was surprised with my weight ("I wouldn't have guessed you were 176." I took that as a compliment.), and she took a blood pressure reading that was as low as the previous ones at blood donations. I mentioned this to the doctor and passed along the comments by the nurses there and My Mom. The doctor held up my donor card with a year's worth of pressure readings and said emphatically "these are healthy numbers."

In fact, she said that my lack of doctor visits suggested that all is well, but we scheduled blood work and a proper physical for December. She wants to look at my blood sugars as I had (notice the past tense) uncles who who very big. I have never had my cholesterol checked, and I would not be surprised if it is sky high. The doctor gave me her new-patient sales pitch that she will be attentive but not hovering, cautious but not badgering, and I told her I wasn't looking for trouble, but I'm getting older, and I want to find anything amiss early if something gets all amissy. And with that I went home.

My Mom came by Friday and stayed until Saturday. She declared the deputy the cutest and happiest baby she had ever seen to no one's surprise. I made a muted stir fry for her, and she was not assuaged by the doctor's comments on my blood pressure.

After Mom left, we grabbed a quick lunch and began our party preparation. I stretched tarps along the deck railings to prevent tumbles where the railing artwork should be. We bought a new firepit, and I assembled that. I had a short window before the race.

And let me say how disappointing my run was. I had a decent lunch and snacked an hour before I left for the run. I thought I was ready. I didn't run at all this week, and I knew that would hinder me a bit, but I had no idea how difficult the race would be. The sun and wind were strong, and I felt dryness in my mouth while standing at the start line. I hoped it wouldn't be a problem. It very much was. I had to walk twice to my great shame, but I did manage to run up the heartbreaking hill and finish strong. My lungs and legs felt OK, but I had no energy. I was tapped. It was as frustrating an experience as I've had in a race, and I'm determined to not let that happen again. I'll keep up my run efforts between the races and do more floor exercises. I finished with a time under 30 minutes but still seven minutes behind the other men in my age group, and I can cut that in half by next year. I'm sure of it.

I returned home before the party started. Your Sister made two kinds of carrot soup and cider. It was a good turn-out, easily 15 people and kids were there. I was asked to draw a Supergirl on a pumpkin and did, and the commissioner was so happy with it that she suggested we work a booth at next year's street festival and sell pre-designed pumpkins for people to carve. Your Sis and I traded turns with the sidekick and didn't cut our pumpkins that night. I squeezed those in on Sunday afternoon before the trick-or-treaters arrived.

Before we did our Sunday rounds, my old friends the Warrendorf parents, arrived with gifts for the sidekick. They hadn't seen the house, and I gave them a tour while Your Sister nursed. We did get a decent number of costumed kids that night -- decent for us anyway -- and Your Sister told me to put the leftover candy in my workshop to keep it out of sight lest she devour it. And there it sits.

Our state trooper family next door moved out suddenly Sunday. It's our understanding that a new family is to move in today, and this morning, the first family was still cleaning out the house. It's a terrible time to move, and I hope they didn't go far enough away that the kids change schools.

Picture of the Day
Among next year's comic movies is Captin America, and the first photos from the film came out last week. I like what I see here.

The triangular shield was the design original to the character in the mid-40;s. he got the circular shield when we was revived in the '60s. The film looks like it's mostly set in WWII which should be fun.

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