Letters to Holly

Friday, February 4

The First Few

The drawing schedule has worked pretty well, so far. Instead of having to resort to a looser style, I've been able to refine my artwork somewhat . It certainly helps to be drawing bigger; I drew the first hero minicomic at a smaller proportion, and it got sloppy at times. Also, having detailed panels already thumbnailed means I only have to recreate the artwork at a larger size. All the questions about camera placement are already answered.

Here are the pencils for the first two pages.  They scanned lightly, and I beefed up the contrast so you can see them. That's where the brown comes from.

You can see the diagonal grid marks to represent the fence surrounding their ring. This doesn't have the polish I'd prefer, but it feels clear to me, and that's paramount.

The cityscape at the top of this page came out nice, but the clouds in the lower two panels have to go. I'm going to draw and scan the championship belt plate and paste it into the final scanned art later on. That's what the "stat" note means. I'll probably also drop the blinds on the left in the second panel. I can't get the angles right. 
I started the third page today. These above were the two most difficult pages as they were first and involved more perspective work than any other pages that will follow. I should be able to finish penciling by mid-March and then move on to inking. I think I'm on a good run here.

+  +  +

My Mom visited the wife and boy while I was at work. They visited a local family-play center, and the story goes that my son was hypnotized by a toy firetruck, the first he's ever seen, and crawled across about half the length of our house to get it.

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