Letters to Holly

Monday, February 7

Super Geek Bowl

The Super Bowl included two short commercials for Marvel films, Thor and Captain America, both coming out this year.

Both films are potential franchise sparks, and they lead into next summer's Avengers movie with Iron Man and Hulk.

I never thought we'd see a big-budget, live-action film of either hero. Although, we did get a very bad live-action Cap film in the '70s, not long after Spider-Man's TV show.

And there was a weak 1990 film that at least tried to keep the costume faithful to the comics.


The second Iron Man movie included Cap's shield and Thor's hammer. Marvel has planned this franchise scheme for a while.

The deputy picked up another cold and was a miserable, wet baby all weekend. It seems to be passing quickly. I moved my comic drawings to the dinner table to keep one eye on him while I sketched and erased and repeated that, um, repeatedly.  I started page six today, and that's a nice pace to maintain. 

We watched the game last night between sidekick feedings and cleanings. Your Sister picked both teams back in September, and I don't think I'll ever hear the end of that.

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