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Friday, February 11

A Different Look

Sometime between the New Year's party for the local rollerderby teams and this week, my logo was changed. The New Year's poster had the version I created based on their notes, and the new logo seems like a bad copy. I can only spy a small version on a poster linked on FB, but I can tell they removed the skull reflection, redrew the face, and added pigtails, everything but the basic shape and fonts. It's their logo. They can do what they like with it. But I wonder why they didn't contact me to make the changes.

Actually I do have a theory: Mine looked a bit too polished. The a-team logo is scratchy, almost sketchy. The logo I submitted for the b-team was made in Illustrator. I bet they they dirtied it up so it wouldn't outshine the a-team's. And that's what I'll tell myself whenever I look at it on billboards and t-shirts and weep silently.

I contacted my team liaison -- the roller who managed the logo contest -- and asked if this changes the outcome of the contest. If they're not technically using the logo I made, does this negate the contest results, and do I still get the promised swag? I wish I'd been kept in the loop on this, even just a heads up. I'm more confused than bristled.

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I showed a draft of the letter to the editor I wrote in response to a gun-control rant from last week. She liked it and said I should send it in. That column did inspire another letter that ran this week. It wasn't bad. A tad snarky, and that's the attitude I tried to avoid in my letter.

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We suspect the man-cub is teething again. He had a horrible night yesterday and was only calmed after two applications of Orajel. He also may be attempting hand signals. Your Sister says he associates one chair with feeding and starts squirming toward it when he's hungry.

Moving Picture of the Day
The next film in the X-Men franchise comes out this summer, and the trailer was released yesterday. It looks good, and what once seemed like a doomed, desperate effort to milk the cash cow now has hope of being an entertaining flick. The casting seems nice, and the production design stays true to the first three films (the Wolverine spinoff had its own style and suffered from it).

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