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Monday, February 14

Tripping Lights Fantastically

Although the sidekick doesn't show any new teeth, he sure acts like he's expecting them. He pulls his ears. He's cranky. But there's no action on those gums. We suspect he's experiencing a mental growth spurt. He's suddenly pulling up to a standing position (albeit wobbly), bridging while on his back, and climbing over our shoulders when we hold him. He's found traction all over the place. I started installing cabinet locks in the kitchen.

We hired a babysitter for Saturday night and accompanied Kathy and Travis to her dancing competition. The local arts council held a charity version of Dancing With the Stars, and Kathy used a mash-up I gave her years back to dance with an area instructor. There were six couples competing, and the winners were determined by how much money was donated in their name. Bookending the dance competition were two open-floor dances where people were encouraged to try their had at certain dances.

Now I haven't had any dance instruction since high school. My girlfriend at the time attended dance classes with her parents, and she taught me the steps they learned. That was 20 years ago. When I asked Your Sister to dance, she demurred, and I assured her we would only "prom dance," tha aimless, slow movement during ballads. During the pre-event dinner, Your Sister told them about being a young left-handed batter; she was taught to hit right-handed and failed miserably until an umpire stopped a game to move her to other side of the plate. She immediately made contact. Hours later, as I talked her into a slow dance, she stumbled over my feet until we realized she was dancing right-footed. We changed stances, and she had no problem.

When the DJ played 'The Twist," Kathy couldn't get a dance partner, and I volunteered. It's the easiest dance to do. I almost joined in on a line dance once I watched and figured out the pattern. It was such an infectious atmosphere that I'm considering joining in next year. In fact, one of my theatre cohorts participating in this event asked me to sign up, and I told her I'd consider it. Some other people I shared the stage with said hi, and at least one didn't know we had a baby.

This event was done right, and it looked sold out. The only hiccup was with the last dance couple; they didn't test their CD before the show, and the DJ's equipment couldn't play it. They had to use a song he had that fit their dance style.

Kathy won. She got a heavy trophy and the chance to do her routine again. I hope she defends the title next year. If she does, I won't compete against her.

We had forgotten how convenient it is to use a sitter, and I think we should have a night out about twice a month. There are some films she's very eager to see.

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I sent in the letter to the editor. I hope it doesn't lay an egg.

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I started page 14 of the comic today. That keeps me on pace to work a page with the same number as the date. I won't be able to maintain that -- I did four pages this weekend to catch up -- but I aim to finish these 24 pages before the 28th. I'm thrilled with how well most of this is coming out. I'll have to touch-up some faces and feet, but this is half a comic drawn in two weeks. That's not bad for a household with a baby.

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