Letters to Holly

Tuesday, February 15

Lock Down

Because the boy is starting to scramble, we're locking down the kitchen. I'm picking up a new baby gate today to block the door to the library. We should get one for the laundry and cat room, but the cat can't jump like he used to. The sidekick managed to crawl all the way into there while Your Sister as distracted, and she learned of it when he started spitting out cat litter.

The previous residents of the house used baby locks on their cabinets and removed the pegs when they sold us the house. We decided this weekend to put new pegs up but use the catches that remained. The cabinet doors still have the screw holes, and it seemed like an easy enough chore. But the new pegs are set wider and can't use both old holes. Also, attaching baby locks to a lazy susan is a torture out of Greek myth. We both got so frustrated last night -- me with the locks, she with the sidekick-- that we traded. She finished off the lazy susan in no time, and I had the boy asleep within 15 minutes. I still need to get her bathroom cabinet locked. My cabinet may not need it. The only thing inside is toilet paper. How much damage can he do? [gets Dead Zone-like premonition; resolves to prevent paper holocaust]

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I was contacted by the local paper to confirm they got my letter. They did not however ask me to confirm I wrote the letter. That was standard at the papers I worked for, even (or especially) the university one. I'm also still waiting to hear about that derby logo.

Picture of the Day
I think Russell Brand wants to be the Freddy Mercury of comedy.

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