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Monday, April 11

Blood Don't Want No Help, Blood Don't Get No Help.

The red blood cell donation appointment was for 8:45 Saturday morning. The local drive organizer called me a few days prior to make make the appointment, and I had already decided to show up to give the larger donation. I had done it back in December, and they need as many folks as they can get.

When I showed up at 8:45, I was given a sticker that had my name on it and another sticker that identified me as a double donor. If I had any more stickers, I would look like a TGIFriday's waiter. I was directed past the pint donors to a special section for double donors. I was told I didn't even need a number for the normal deli system for registration and donation. This was VIP service. I was summoned to a station and asked for my donation card. Within three minutes I was told I couldn't do the big donation. I was one day inside the mandated window between donations.

Apparently this happens often. The organizers jump the gun, ignoring the Red Cross deadlines or forgetting how to count. This local organizer is gung-ho, as I learned when I last made an appointment. I think the area charities compete for the biggest blood drive, and the Red Cross is so desperate for blood that they put up with these hollow scheduling shenanigans. But I was there and sitting in the nurse's station, and I figured I might as well give the usual pint. It was done quickly as always -- I bleed free and easy -- and I ran into my buddy Travis as I ate Swiss Rolls. Breakfast of champions, right there.

A teacher buddy came over that afternoon, and we three talked divorces and failed relationships over beer. Your Sis and I watched Good Night and Good Luck, the Murrow/McCarthy film, and I took the boy for a walk through the neighborhood. I did that again the next morning while Your Sister went to church. And I watched him Monday morning during her ENT appointment.

She was told the vertigo is symptomatic. Nothing irregular was seen or surmised, and she was told to call them if it happened again. If it does within the year, they'll do an MRI. Otherwise, if she's no longer nursing, she might get strong steroids. She's mostly fine now.

I talked to My Mom about plans for the summer and mentioned our second thoughts on taking the sidekick to DragonCon. Would she consider watching him for a few days? She was delighted at the idea. Giddy. I think She's already planning on it.

I am within a day or two of closing up the comic. I've made PDFs of the pages and proofed it and worked on the copy for the inside covers and maybe finalized the cover. The Avengers pencils are done, and now I need to trace and ink it.

I reassembled the lawnmower and started watering the garden with liquid fertilizer. I just ordered sweet potato plants from an online catalog.

Picture of the Day
The cover as it stands today.

Little background on the cover blurb: One of my earliest comics was Magnus Robot Fighter about a future man who fights robots. I wanted to tip my hat to that.

I'll post some preview panels to Facebook within a few days.

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