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Thursday, April 14

You Will All Fear My Bat Bomb

Our usual routine for the sidekick is to wind him down around 6:30. He gets Prevacid and Vitamin D, a change of clothes, milk (from the bottle or tap), and a cuddle for sleep. That changed in the last few weeks as he's eaten more solid food. This means he's taking in less milk, and Your Sister is making less. Because she doesn't have to pump as often, there's less milk for me to feed him with. That obliges her to nurse him at night to put him down. He would often wake up after an hour, and a quick cuddle would put him down again. A few hours later we would wake him up, change the diaper, and top him off. And he'd usually wake up at least once throughout the night.

Recently though a few changes have helped him sleep through the whole night. First, because he's outdoor more often, he gets an evening bath to slough off the sunscreen. Then we put him in special overnight diapers -- thicker, more absorbent -- before Your Sister nurses him. Lastly, we don't wake him up. The hope is that his increased day activities (including his new skill of crawling) would wear him out for longer sleep. All of these seem to work. For the past two nights, he's slept for nearly 11 hours.

But because Your Sister has been the one to put him down so often, he won't surrender to sleep without her. He used to allow me to put him down after a bottle. We now have to tag-team him to sleep, and I worry this will make miserable our future babysitters. We need to train him to trust me again even if it means a later bedtime.

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I traced the Avengers art and will start inking it soon. I also bought artists "trading cards," blank tiny squares of artboard. I'm going to make sketches on them and sell them cheap at the convention. Some will be drawn beforehand, others I'll do by request at the show. I bought three packs at the downtown art store, True Blue, and was informed they've sold like hotcakes lately. The clerk asked if I knew why there is sudden demand, and I told him about the convention. He hadn't heard about it, and that doesn't surprise me. The convention is relying on radio ads this year, and their visual promotion is greatly reduced. I fear (as does the local comic store owner) that this is a bad gamble, and turnout may suffer.

Well, I at least will pick up the slack with my own fliers and posters about town, including True Blue and the comic store. Wherever I see fliers for bands, Imma gonna put up my ad, using the rejected art for the collector card. I'll also send in a press release to the local paper again. Hopefully, if they're smart, they'll turn it into local-interest story with a small interview. They didn't do that last year, despite the press release I sent them. Last year, I didn't know what to expect at any stage of this. This year, I'm on solid ground, and I intend to make a significant push before and during the show. I intend to be a major local presence.

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You will all fear my Bat bomb!

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