Letters to Holly

Friday, April 1


I'm home with Your Sister who has seemingly had a vertigo attack. She was dizzy Thursday morning, and we saw the doctor that afternoon. She was given steroids, an antibiotics, and medicine to fight nausea and dizziness. The worst seems to be over, but the doctor has made an appointment with an ENT before we do a CAT scan, if needed. The doctor is concerned that this happened before, including during the pregnancy.

We also are fighting another ant invasion. We called the local Terminex office, with whom we have a service contract, and we're currently waiting to hear back. I now question the value of our contract.

I'm that much closer to the comic's completion. The cover is mostly colored, and the pages have been tweaked and lettered. I hope to print a proof this weekend after getting the garden started.

I moved the Doom posts to their own blog at Cooking With Villainy.

Did y'all pass around the shirt artwork for an OK? I can send the layers to the printer when it's approved.


Anonymous said...

they love the shirt logo with blue and green. they've worked up the back with all the logos, too. i'll let you know when/if the printer needs have not been adequately met.

can't wait to see the comics.

your wife might be in for a tilt table test. not really, though, i think that's more in the work-up for syncope and near-fainting. but yes, the table does sound as much fun as it actually is in my head.

Gregory said...

The GP gave her a short chiropractic head swirl to see if helped. Your Sister said it didn't hurt. The doc said we could also try a local therapist who could teach me the head crank so I could attend to the missus.