Letters to Holly

Monday, April 4

Earth, Give Me Your Nutrients

Your Sister is better but still a bit woozy. The medicine made her sleepy(-ier), and I minded the deputy for most of the past four days. He's eating meat which we mix in his veggies, and his milk intake is much reduced. He has begun bouncing to music, whether it be a steering-wheel toy or Lady Gaga (that was this morning). He is also waving on command. As he becomes more mobile, he's falling more as well. He's constantly bruised or scraped despite our best childproofing efforts.

I started the garden this weekend. The tiller I rented was cheaper and weaker than the one I normally rent, and I shan't get that one again. It was useless. I mixed in 14 bags of manure on the soil, totaling 700 pounds of poo that I threw around. I also earned my first sunburn of 2011. After four hours and a long shower, I discovered two seed packets I forgot to plant: snow peas and pumpkins. I'll save them for later in the year, when it's cooler and I am recovered. I gots the aches, but they are valid and worthy of hanging on my mantle. This is my first real workout of the year, and I intend to build on it  now that the comic is all but done.

Speaking of which, I learned the museum hosting the convention next month is holding a party the night before and it requesting art donations from those selling books at the show. Including me. I have until May 6 to give them a piece of artwork, and I'll make a new one for the show. I suspect the art will be auctioned for charity, but at least for a time, I'll have art hanging in the local museum.

Just as I try to make proofs of my comic at home, my printer is virtually kaput. I'll be looking at new ones this week. It's gotten more difficult to find ink for this one too, and I've been looking at an upgrade for a while.

Last night was WrestleMania, the biggest wrestling PPV of the year, and I drank the pint of Winter Ale you gave me last year. Twas good.

We started watching The Tudors, Showtime's series on Henry VIII. Netflix Streaming is marvelous.

Picture of the Day
This is the costume for the new Wonder Woman TV series. Pants make sense, but these don't look right. Maybe they're cut too high. Also the eagle breastplate is much too small. Still, a new WW TV show!

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